Heading to New York!


Being a creative artist and working in the fiber arts field you meet lots of interesting people with big dreams just like you, or you tend to keep track of other artist you like and follow up with them from time to time. That is exactly what happened to me!

In November of 2013 I received a very random e-mail:

Hi Cassandra, my name is Betty, I have your contact info from Helen owner of Willow Gallery in Littleton. I am opening a small store in New York and would like to talk to you about having your items there. Would you please give me a call to talk about it. I am leaving for New York next weekend and trying to put together some interesting things. Looking forward to talking to you, Betty

At first I thought it was one of those scam e-mails so I was really hesitant to call but thought well I might as well give it a shot. So I called Betty. To my surprise it was a live person who really liked my stuff! Betty informs me that she has been following my success and progress as an artist and thought that if she ever opened a shop that she would want my stuff in her shop and that was exactly what she was doing, opening a shop in New York!

Betty and her sister are into all kinds of things and make all kinds of thing, and have been looking for the past 2 years for a great location to open a shop in Colorado and had no luck. Betty’s sister lives in New York and at the end of October she ran across a space for sale down the street from her house in a shopping distinct in New York so they bought it! All they needed to do was get merchandise and hit the ground running!

I could not believe my ears…NEW YORK, MY STUFF, WOW! I was beyond excited! Betty and I worked out the details and she came to my house the next Monday and picked up all the items I had time to create for them. I since the opening they have placed 5 more orders and say they will continue to do so. New York market is a lot different for the Colorado market so it has been a fun learning experience for all of us! I hope to get the opportunity to visit their shop in New York someday!



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