Mixing the Old with the New


After acquiringg 7 knitting machines in 2012 my husband and I have been learning how to use them. We have come a very long way since the first little square we knit the first night we set one up.

Knitting machines were made in the 80’s with technology that was made in the 80’s limiting there abilities, however my husband, a techie genius, was determined to bring the knitting machines into this time period! It took almost a year for him to get it to work but it works! He had watched countless videos on different methods that others had used to update their machines to work with a new age mac computer, but none, and I mean none, of them would work on our machine!

For christmas last year (2013) my husband received an Arduino and we thought this might be the key to getting the machine up to date, but it still did not work. One night out of the blue my husband goes I got it! He ran up stairs into my studio and began tinkering away, a few hours later he says I go it! I went into my studio to find a self made wire, a computer program and photoshop all set up. Next he shows me how to use the wire with all the program on the computer so that I can take almost any picture put it into the program and have the machine knit the picture! I was beyond happy and knew exactly what my first knit picture was going to be, an owl.

IMG_1878A good friend of mine had asked me if I would create a donation for the program she worked with and I agreed. I had given her an owl scarf for her birthday that I knit on the machine using the all the old technology to create my own pattern but I wanted to make something more realistic, since the program my friend worked with was a raptor rescue program I wanted to make something more realistic then the pattern I had created for her scarf. I searched and searched until I found the most amazing picture of owl eyes, this is what I wanted to knit! We loaded the picture into the program sized it changed the colors loaded into the machine and I began knitting!

After 45 minutes of knitting all I could see where a bunch of dots, and thought well this stinks it still does not work. I showed my husband who told me to set it down and stand back. I set the knit pieces on the ground and stood back, to my amazement it had worked! I could not believe my eyes it had actually worked!

There was no going back, I was hooked! Since that day I have been knitting all types of pictures and we have signed up for Denver Mini Makers Faire that will be hosted in the Denver National Western Complex May 3rd-4th 2014! We will be bring 2 machines and lots of completed pieces for purchasing! I am excited to see what we come up with next!

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