Shadetree Stitchery!

Talk about a small world! In October of 2013 I was making a delivery to A Touch Of Colorado and I happened to see an old friend of mine in the shop next door. After I finished my delivery I went in to just say hi, little did I know that this little hello would change my life!

After a few minutes of catching up she shared with me that she had bought a place in September and was finally at the point that she was going to contact me to see if I was still interested in running a shop. I was so over whelmed with excitement I did not respond so she kept on talking. Finally I was able blurt out yes! She gave me very few details and just told me to watch for an e-mail.

I went home that night in disbelief that my dream of running a shop could really be happening already! I mean I am only 25 and never thought I would be doing half of what I am doing at this point in my life. A week or so went by and she finally sent me an e-mail! She gave me the address and said that it would be best if I got to see the place before I made my final decision. My husband and I meet her at the location, which turned out to be a cute little house in the Tennyson Cultural Arts District of Denver! She had spent the last few months cleaning up and fixing the place. As we walked through the house she explained her vision for the little house, and I fell in love with the whole idea! It was everything we had talked about…Oh didn’t you know she and I used to work together, sort of…


Back in 2011 I worked at A Touch Of Colorado, only it was called The MarketPlace, back then. My friend Nancy was running her alterations business, Purple Pincushion, out of the back of the shop.The MarketPlace was a consignment shop for local artists, we had everything from food to wall art to clothing. We would get all kinds of people in asking if we would like to sell their items, at first we took just about anything to fill up the shop and as time went on we had to be more selective. Nancy and I would watch the owner turn away the most incredible fiber arts because she did not know much about fiber art and did not want to deal with it. Nancy and I began talking about our dream shop and all the pretty fiber items we would want to be in it!

I left A Touch of Colorado to become a nanny and so I could run my crochet business more efficiently, working a random 55hr work week and trying to run my crochet business was literally impossible. After a year of watching the cutest little boy I quit so I could run my crochet business 100% with no distractions. Things began to pick up and I was able to make more items. I ran into Nancy just as my husband and I where deciding if my business was financially right for us, Nancy made that decision very clear for us!

Nancy and I opened the doors in December and officially opened Valentines Day weekend 2014! I now have my own studio in the shop so I can work and manage the shop until the day we are so busy we have to hire someone to run the shop so I can work, and Nancy has her alteration studio in the shop was well!

If you would have asked me what I would be doing in a year form last October I would have told you I would be working in a retail shop to help out with bills. We can plan our future all we want but destiny will always lead the way if you keep you eyes, ears, and heart open! To see more info on our shop visit our website:

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