Spring time is coming!!!YAY!!  This means lots of little cuties joining the world, and I dont mean just duck babies, although baby ducks are my favorite ..I mean sweet little bundles of joy to any family, babies!!! This means lots of baby showers! I have come up with some really cute baby shower gifts, which includes hats (which you have all seen in my later post called: so much news), head bands, baby cocoons, and my favorite baby-booties! The hats and some of the baby booties are crocheted, and the baby-cocoons and some of the baby booties ant knitted! The head bands are soft nylon and hand crafted flowers! My favorite are the baby lofers…they are so cute an they are made out of bamboo yarn which is soft and hypo-allergenic! The loafers come in both girls and boy styles! These cute booties make great gifs and are perfect for New Borns! They can all be purchased my Shop!


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