The last 4 months (part 1)


Mini Floppz Animals

These tiny versions of the Floppz animals are cute and adorable. I really love making these little guys because I can hash out a few a day.  This is good when ‘company’ is just me and a tech guy.  They seem to sell pretty well as well.  When I make a large animal I’m left with less than 1/4 of a ball of yarn and these take the left overs and turn them into something way cuter than a bag of scraps.

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Custom Orders

November is the height of the holiday season, especially for the hand made industry.  If you want things by Christmas then you need to place the order in November. I had upwards of 10 orders at any time in November and December.


The Rockin’ Horse

One cold day in December I had an idea for a mix between the Dino and the Floppz Horse.  I crocheted him and added some ’80s hair to complete the rocker motif.  The result was and is the best-selling item to date.  

December Custom

There was one standout Custom creation in December. it was a dog and just see for yourself.

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