Mid-October Update

So here I am writing a quick update because I am so swamped with orders and trying to keep a decent stock that I can only spare a little time.  Here goes, I’ll try and keep this brief but informative with lots of pictures.

So the Owls from the other post  have been selling as fast as I can make them.  It’s really something amazing to behold, as soon as I bring in a batch they sell the same day, they don’t even have time to settle in the store.  I’ve been making all sorts of crazy ones too; short and chubby, green, purple, white and fluffy.

Also I’ve been filling custom dog orders, I’ll put pictures below.  The new thing I am working on right now is a baby gift basket.  They are theme baskets with a bib, socks or hat, and a stuffed animal.  I’ve got a boys and girls worked up so far.  They are a train and duck theme, respectively.Seeing as how the weather is getting cooler, I’ve transitioned from light spring/ fall hats to heavier winter hats.  They resemble cup cakes and are for kids and Dog hats for kids and adults.

I’ve been toying with the idea of an adult sized one but they are coming out funny when I up the size.  Also Halloween is around the corner and I’ve brought back some old favorites, the monster hat and monkey hat.  I’m also working on some more
If you have any suggestions you’d like to see, feel free to comment them below this post.  Also, if you are looking for a pattern for something or need to contact me I can be reached at help@cb-crochet.com.mummys as those were really popular last year.

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