Monkey in Around!

It has been very clear to me that I am not good at updated my blog…I get caught up on making items I forget to write about what I am doing, so my new years resolution is to keep up with my posting!

I would like to share my latest creations with you: Monkeys ! I just love these adorable little Monkeys! Each one has their own little personality and look! These little cuties have knitted bodies, hats, and scarves and crochet faces and ears…. but they are not knit in the traditional sense. Over the last few months I have inherited 8 knitting machines. When I first received the first machine I did not set it up because I was so focused on my wedding that I did not have time, then after the Honeymoon I was just to scared of the machine to even take it out of the box, but finally one Saturday I woke up and said honey today we are setting up that machine…so we did. It took all of 10 minutes to set up, we were both shocked at how easy it was to set up. Next we wanted to try it out, well that’s when it got hard, how do you get the yarn on the machine what do all these needles do, how does this carriage thing work, the list of questions was endless. After 4 or 5 hours my husband had finally knit something! We both were so very excited that we took our little square to dinner that night with his parents and showed them! They were really impressed. Little did we know that this tiny square would be a start of something wonderful! The weeks passed and we learned all kinds of cool things you can do with the machine, finally we had made tons of scarves and wanted to make other things. It has been about 5 months and we have learned how to make patterns, hats, finger-less gloves, and animals! Which brings me to the  monkeys! I have this book called “Knitted & Felted Toys,” by Zoe Halstead, this book is filled with adorable knitted animals and well I can’t knit…So I was looking trough this book and all the sudden it occurred to me that I could make animals on the machine if I redesigned the animals and figured out how to reconstructed them…so that’s what I did! These cuties can be purchased in my shop and they can also be custom created! Here are some pictures of the monkeys:


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