The CB-Crochet New Addition

Meet Owlie, I know it’s an uninspired name but cute none-the-less.  We are working up a line of owls.  CB loves owls so she is making a bunch of them in all colors and sizes.  See the example below for the idea.  If we get enough comments we might do a video how-to.  He is, approximately, 6 inches by 6 inches, made from mohair yarn stuffed with polyester.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for what we’ve been up to beyond Owlie, Farmers market season just came to a close so that should make more time for projects, blog entries, and videos.  I look forward to updating you all.  We have been filling custom orders like crazy; dogs, hats and fabric wedding flowers.  If you are in the Denver area, feel free to come see CB’s merchandise, in the fluff, at The MarketPlace at Belmar.  It is an artisan boutique located at Alameda and Wadsworth where the old Villa Italia used to be.


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