The Floppz Animal Family

I was playing with the idea of animals and unique ways to exaggerate them.  The goal was to make them more lovable.  With that in mind, I stretched out their arms and legs, fattened up their head and body, and minimally stuffed them for the soft feel.  The initial result, Walley Floppz, a sheep, sold within 3 days of completion, the second, an unnamed horse, sold within minutes of completion.  The second sold so fast I didn’t even have time to name him, poor guy.  The third, Benny Ploppz, another horse, just sold this week after living at The MarketPlace at Belmar for a week.  Pictures below. Please suggest other animals you’d like to see in the Floppz Family.





Horse Number 1

Unnamed Floppz


Walley Floppz

horse number 2

Benny Floppz

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