I love doing custom items for clients! I had the privilege of creating a custom pony for a repeat clint! Last year Sara commissioned 2 white ponies, one for her daughter and one for the girl who owned the pony. Sara’s daughter grew very attached to this white pony that they were watching for 6 months while this family was away on Holiday, and they were to give it back right after new year. Sara wanted to get her daughter something very special that would help her to let the pony go with ease but was also a reminder of the pony. So when she found me she was ecstatic! The ponies were a huge hit! well over the course of this year Sara’s mom saved up enough to buy her a pony of her own! Sara’s daughter loved the last pony I created so much that all she wanted this year was a recreation of her own pony! So that is exactly what i made for her! I just love cute happy stories like this!

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