Retirement Blanket


Having an employee for a very long time is not something my generation knows of. We tend to bounce from job to job trying to find what we want at that moment instead of what will help is in the long run. However my parents greatness know all about loyalty and sticking around at a good company. My mother in-law recently had an employe retire after 30 years of employment and she wanted to get her something really memorable. She commissioned me to make a blanket with her employees favorite animal along with the hand written signatures of all the current employees. I was very excited about this project.

I had my mother in-law over and we researched different elephant pictures to find one that really fit the vision that my mother in-law had for the blanket. After we found the picture we decided on wording and placement. Next I spent the next few weeks knitting the blanket and putting it together!

The blanket was a hug success, and it something her employee will never forget!


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