Where have we been??

Hello all,

Sorry I have not posted any new patterns or ideas for you.

We have been so so very busy setting up our online store.

Our online store will be filled with item for sale from CB-Crochet, Robins Romance, and Loey Love!

I hope to have some new posts and patterns to you late tomorrow night.

I have a cow patterns and ribbon flowers!

Both of these will be available to our VIP Members.

remember that our VIP section is free for a limited time,

along with all the original patterns that are in the VIP section.

SO join while this offer is still up!




4 thoughts on “Where have we been??

  1. I loved your tutorial on making scrubbies. I have tried to make these before and got so frustrated I trashed the whole thing. And I, of all people, save everything. But with your video I am ready to try again. I am still searching for the printed instructions on your website, so if you could possibly help, I would appreciate it. I know this is a place I will visit often. Thank you again. Lynn

    • Hello Lynn,
      I am so excited that you like my video and it has inspired you to make scrubbies again! I will send the written pattern to the e-mail you have supplied, and I will post it on our blog as a new blog post. I should have all of this completed in about an hour! Thank you for your support and be sure to check back for mo great patterns and videos! Enjoy
      – Cassandra

  2. Thank you for the printed pattern on the scrunchies. With that and the
    very good video,that I watched I should be able to conquer it. Ruth

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