Hello Friends,

I have been so busy setting up some really cool things for you all to enjoy!

I have been working on an online shopping cart for you those of you who do not live in Colorado and would like to purchases our merchandise! This should be up and running a few days! Some items to look out for are collections from Robins Romance, Loey Love, and your truly (CB-Crochet!).

I have also been busy creating patterns for our VIP section!

Vip membership is FREE for a limited time and allows you to have access to FREE patterns created by me: Cassandra!This is  great place for you to connect with me and really get to know what I do!

I have also been busy creating our custom pattern making section also!

This where you have the opportunity to have me create a pattern for you. There are many great pictures out there but you can not always find that same pattern anywhere for a reasonable price or for FREE. This is where I come in! I love to creat pattern form your ideas! In our VIP section you will find a Monkey hat pattern that one of our loyal followers asked me to creat for her. I would love to creat something for you too!

Thank you for all your support as we grow!



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