Crochet BandsPart 2

Crochet Bands Part 2:

Due to high request valums we have come up with more crochet band ides for you all to enjoy!

Crochet Band


Old Head band (can also be a new head hand as well)


Clamp (we used a chip bag clip)

Light weight yarn/ Ribbon/ Fabric strips

Fabric glue

Crochet hook 6mm or larger



1)To get the yarn around the head band make a loop as if you were going to began chaining. Instead the end of the head band in this loop and put tight. Make sure to leave a small tail of yarn to wrap over the ends of the head band later.

  1. Sc over the entire head band. To do this we held the head band in our left hand, took the crochet hook and went under the head band hooked the working yarn, brought the working yarn back up to theĀ  top, hooked the working yarn again and pulled this newly hooked yarn through both look on the crochet hook. Repeat to end of Head band.

***REMEMBER to work the sc tightly together as to cover the head band completely.

3) Cut a small tail

  1. Using fabric glue, wrap the ends of the head band with the small tails and glue as you go. Clamp the ends until the glue dries.

For more fun use more then one color ribbon at a time, or strips of fabric. If you use strips of fabric make sure the strips are at least on inch wide and about 3 yard long, you can tie strips together to get desired length.

Please send us a picture of your completed projects!






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