Reduce, Reuse, RE-SCARF!


We just fell in love with these Re-scafs that we had to make more…but with a twist!

We also fell in LOVE with feathered flowers because they add character to our Re-scarfs.

Feathers flower pins are so quick and easy to make and can be made out of left over fabrics!

Create a Re-Scarf or a Feathers flower and share it with us! We always love your feed back!

Hot glue gun
one sheet of paper
Fabric pin
Paper Scissors
Fabric scissors
Two 5 by 5 inch pice of fabric in the color or design of your choice
Three 5 by 5 inch pice of sheer dress fabric of your choice,
It should be stiff and not to loose
Feathers in the color of your choosing
Beads for embellishment

How to:
1) Take the paper and pencil and draw a flower. The flower should not be bigger then 5 by 5 inches.
2) Take the paper scissors can cut out the flower
3) Take the Flower and all your 5 by 5 inch pieces of fabric and trace the flower on the fabric with the fabric pin
4) Take the fabric scissors and cut out the flowers
5) Layer the flowers on top of each other alternating in this manner: Sheer fabric, solid fabric, sheer fabric, solid fabric, sheer fabric.
6) Place a small dot of hot glue between each layer after you have arranged them in a manner that you like.
7) Pick out the feathers for the center and the feathers for the side and glue them in place with hot glue
8. Pick out the beads for the center of the flower and glue in place
9) If you would like this flower to be a pin hot glue the pin to the back
10) Pin or sew the flower to the Re-scarf


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