Scrap Yarn Scarf with Extra Yarn!

Winter was really cold this year.

If you are anything like me you spent most of your winter indoors creating projects.

Winter also left me with a lot of left over yarn scraps.

I often find my self in the predicament of “what should I do with all of this extra yarn?”

Since I am a crafter I never fell it necessary to throw anything away, there is alway a purpose for objects, and yarn is no exception.


So back to our original question, “What to do with all the left over yarn?”

Create a RE-Scarf!


This scarf require little to no crochet skills to complete!

Check it out!

I would LOVE to have those of you who completed this project to leave a comment or a picture for me to see!




Your choice of bulk or size 5 yarn left overs, in colors that complement each other.

Note: you can also go out and buy new yarn if you do not have left over yarn at your house


Yard stick

large crochet hook

One artificial silk flower

hand sewing needle

thread in a matching color


How to:

1) Take the yarn and measure out about 1 1/2 yards, fold over and repeat

2) Repeat step 1 about 25 to 40 times depending on the thickness of your yarn

3) hang the yarn over a mannequin (or a door handle will work)

4) Cut the loops on 1 end

5)Take the yarn strands by the center and create a loop big enough loop to pull all the yarn through, but do not pull           the yarn though at this time

6)Cut an other pice of yarn in a complementing color about 2 yards long and fold in half

7) Tie this new pice of yarn around the end of the loop

8. Using the large crochet hook sc all the way around the loop, fasten off

9) Sew the silk flower on at the same pint that you tied the new pice of yarn on at.

10) Pull the yarn through the loop

11) Cut ends of the yarn to be different lengths to add interest

12) Burn ends of the yarn to keep them form coming a part

Now enjoy!




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