Welcome to our Green Craft Serries!

Welcome to our Green Craft Series!

During this craft series we will be posting recycled crafts!

Do you have old magazines or newspapers lying around?
Not sure what to do with all this old stuff?
Should you throw it away?
Should you recycle it?
How about you create flowers!
Spring is right around the corner, it was 65 degrees here in Fort Collins.
Spring Fever has set in so these flowers are the perfect project to feed that spring fever!
These flowers can be used as package toppers, pins, and decorations!
Here is how to create these flowers:
Hot glue
Take 2 sheet of new paper or 2 page form a magazine and fold them in half
Make 1 and 1/2 inch cuts along the open side of the paper
Make a long row of 1 and 1/2 inch cuts along the folded edge
roll the newly fringed paper and add  drops of glue to hold it in place as you roll.
Create as many as you want!
To create flowers with stems roll the fringed paper around a stick and use hot glue.
Now that you have created these vintage flower with a modern twist share you creations with us!


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