8 Days!!

8 Day’s to Valentine’s Day brings us 8 ways make Valentine’s Day Special!

Here are 8 great ways to make Valentine’s Day special:
1) Make foods in the shape of heats for your loves ones

2) Make hand made cards
-Add heart shapes to paper-Add glitter-Add a sweet message

3) Dress for the occasion
-Hearts on your socks-Hearts on you shoes-Hearts on you pockets

4) Get Creative with ink colors
-Use a red and pink pens-Used red and pink paper-Print in red and pink

5)Share the LOVE
-Tell a stranger they are love-Send notes to others in the office-Say I love you to loves ones

6) Decorate
-Put Flowers around your home -Put Flowers on your desk-Decorate other space with hearts

7) Send Gifts
-Handmade-Heart felt-Unique

8) Lat but not least enjoy the day!!

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