Pringles Top Hat!

-Board at home…and Hungary
-Why don’t you eat a whole can of Pringles!
-Wait why I would do that….
-Well you can make a Pringles Tin Top Hat when your done!
-Wow that sounds great… but how?
-Well just fallow these instructions, and when you’re done share your finished project with us!
Materials needed:
1.      One Pringles can-empty
2.      Black spray paint
3.      Hot glue
4.      Black ribbon
5.      One flack flower
6.      A few black feathers
7.      Scissors
Pringle Tin Top Hat Instructions
  1. 1. Take your Pringles can and cut it down to a suitable size, about 5 inches tall.Take black spray paint and spray and even coat of paint over the whole can.
    1. Use any color spray paint you like
    2. Don’t have spray paint cover the can with paint or fabric
  2. 2. Take the piece of card stock and cut out a circle, this will be the brim so make sure to cut one the size that you like.
    1. Card stock should be flexible so that it can adhere to your head
  3. 3.Glue the Pringles tin (after it is dry) to the Card stock brim, and add a ribbon for decoration.
    1. This also hides the seam
  4. 4.Finish off the hat with Flowers and Feathers
    1. Or any decorations of your choosing!
  5. 5.Share your finished project with us!

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